How to take care of wavy hair?

Our guide will give answers to questions about caring for wavy and curly hair.

Wavy hair has a more defined curl. Most often, it is hair of medium and large thickness, prone to splendor. Such hair should not be combed often, as this will only exacerbate the problem of fluffiness. It is also not recommended to dry them with a hair dryer. They are suitable for products containing oils.

Some wavy hair has a pronounced S-pattern. Such hair has medium or high porosity and brittleness. They curl easily and also quickly lose the definition of the curl. Since this is not curly hair yet, they do not require special care. However, it is worth paying attention to the means for forming a curl and nourishing the hair.

Wavy hair has a more defined curl

What to do so that wavy hair does not fluff?

As soon as it starts to rain, the hair is fluffy and the head resembles a dandelion. Some do not react to this, others are slightly annoyed, others even refuse to go out into the street in this form.

What to do with unruly strands of wavy hair?

Moisturize wavy hair well. Most often, thin, weak, dry hair is frizzy, so the first step to smoothness is good hydration. Choose shampoos based on hyaluronic acid, after washing, apply a leave-in product based on coconut and jojoba oils.

good hydration for wavy hair

How often should you wash your hair with wavy hair?

Washing too often will lead to dry scalp, lack of sebum production and, as a result, dry and brittle hair. Try to wash your hair no more than three or four times a week, and if this is not possible, use gentle shampoo brands labeled “suitable for daily use”.

Why dry wavy hair with a microfiber towel?

Now they produce not only towels, but also special turbans for drying hair after washing. Ordinary cotton or bamboo fiber terry towels are quite rough and can damage wet strands, so it’s best to wrap them in a microfiber turban. This material will absorb excess moisture and leave the hair cuticle closed, preventing frizz.

What is the use of a mask for wavy hair prone to frizz?

For hair prone to fluffiness, masks that restore hair along the entire length are suitable. Most often, such products contain macadamia, argan, and shea oils, which seal moisture inside the hair, increasing the density and thickness of the hair. Such hair does not fluff.

Why Use Hair Conditioner?

This is a must-have hair care product that will balance the pH levels after using an alkaline shampoo. Use the conditioner correctly: after shampoo and mask, to smooth the hair scales and make them smooth. Choose products with proteins and keratin, rinse with cool water.

conditioner helps smooth out the flakes of wavy hair and make it smooth

How often should you cut wavy hair?

Cutting your hair every one and a half to two months, you will get rid of split ends and prevent brittleness. It is the weak areas of the hair that begin to fluff first.

How to style wavy hair?


  1. Leaving the maximum amount of water in the hair, proceed to the application of styling. We take a small amount of gel, foam or cream, rub it in our hands and apply it to wet hair with squeezing movements, distributing it along the entire length.
  2. Styling with different textures can be mixed. So, on drier (for example, dyed) strands, apply a little cream and gel on top, gel on small curls at the temples, and you can also mix along the entire length. The degree of stacking can be controlled by means.
  3. The easiest way to determine the level of porosity is to remember how quickly the hair gets wet and dries. If they get wet for a long time and dry for a long time, this is a sign of low porosity. This means that the cuticle is closer to the hair shaft, which means that they are smoother and healthier.

How to dry wavy hair?

The healthiest way to dry wavy hair is to dry it naturally. If there is still no time to dry the mop, use a hairdryer with a diffuser and dry your hair with cold air. To get the volume of wavy hair, tilt your head and hold the hair dryer perpendicular to the hair.

How to style wavy hair?

You can use warm mode, but the air should not be too hot – make sure that it does not burn your fingers. We add clips to the root zone so that the hair is not pressed too tightly against the head. If you’re doing a refresh two or three days after washing your wavy hair, then as an extra hydration and hold, you can mix a little leave-in conditioner with water and apply a castard. After the hair is completely dry, then we break the curls with our hands.

What shampoos should not be washed with curly hair?

Do not wash curly hair with shampoos with silicones and sulfates.

Experts advise washing curly heads not with all shampoos in a row, but with those that do not contain sulfates. It is advisable to avoid volumizing shampoos, they can harm the already porous texture of the hair, make it brittle. It’s the same with silicones, which make the hair heavier and prevent moisture from penetrating into their structure. Read the labels, if you see Methicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone listed, don’t buy this shampoo. Choose special shampoos for wavy and curly hair, usually they include moisturizing vegetable oils: jojoba, shea, almond oil.

What are the benefits of coconut oil for wavy and curly hair?

Of course, coconut oil is a nutrient rich in fatty acids and vitamins. These acids help make the hair cuticle stronger and shinier. Moreover, coconut oil is able to penetrate into the structure of the hair and intensively nourish them.

coconut oil helps make hair cuticle stronger and shinier

On the scalp, coconut oil can act as a natural antiseptic. By the way, that’s why it is sometimes used to combat dandruff. In addition, this oil helps protect the strands from damage and UV rays, as well as stimulate hair growth.

Why use coconut oil on curly or wavy hair?

Before you wash your hair with shampoo, try the pre-cleansing procedure. A pre-shampoo, usually coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil, will soften frizzy strands, make them more elastic and easier to comb, and increase moisture. You can add a little honey or aloe juice to the oil.

  1. Apply the mixture to wet strands;
  2. Spread through the hair;
  3. Rub into the scalp;
  4. Leave the mixture on for 30 minutes;
  5. Wash off the coconut oil with shampoo.

How to apply coconut oil on wavy and curly hair?

Here are detailed instructions on how to use coconut oil for hair.

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